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Yaxunah | Yucatan

Volunteer Programs

This program is designed for volunteers with special skills (Teaching English as a Second Language, construction of musical instruments, horticulturalist, as examples) who wish to share their knowledge in the village for a more extended stay. The CCC staff will prepare each volunteer by giving a short workshop on what it means to live in a small community – its history, customs, and modes of conduct. The staff will also introduce the volunteer to community authorities, help each volunteer find the right place to work and assist the volunteer throughout her/his stay. While these volunteers will be responsible for their own room, board, travel, insurances, and the like, they will have rights to use the kitchen in the CCC if they prefer to prepare some meals for themselves. At the end of their stay, the special volunteer will be given a certificate verifying their time and type of community volunteer service.

If this special volunteer service is for class credit, or includes university research, an IRB will be required, and the person must follow all the ethical rules of her/his specific discipline (including, but not being limited to, specific individual written permission obtained from the subject of all interviews, and not posting photographs to the internet without specific written permission).

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