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Yaxunah | Yucatan

Food and Housing

The Community Cultural Center has made it easy for you to stay in Yaxunah, whether for a short visit or an extended stay. Staff members can organize meals and lodging for you. Call ahead if you can, but last minute arrangements can probably be accommodated, especially for food. CCC staff  have organized two groups of women.

Food. The members of Lol K’um (Flor de Calabaza in Spanish, Squash Blossom, in English) open their homes to provide meals to visitors for a very reasonable price. They have been trained in serving outside guests and can provide a vegetarian meal upon prior request. If asked, the señora of the household might let you try your hand at tortilla making and discuss local culinary customs. 


Housing. The women who provide housing call themselves X Majah Naj. This is the Yucatec Mayan name (Presta Casas in Spanish and House Borrower in English) for a very large moth that looks almost black, though on closer inspection, is really a dark iridescent purple. It’s famous for flying inside the doors of houses in the village before a rain. It doesn’t like to get its very large wings wet. The rooms these ladies rent for a very reasonable fee (which is on a scale that diminishes the longer you stay) have a small bathroom, and you will be provided with a hammock and mosquito net to sleep in. Let the CCC staff know if you truly can’t sleep in a hammock for health reasons, but you will be missing nights spent in a delicious, enveloping hug! You are welcome to ask the señora of your house if she would like to provide you with breakfast or other meals. There will be a small fee.


Laundry. Ask the CCC staff about getting laundry done. Several women and young girls in the community will accommodate you for a very reasonable fee. Usually clothes turned in one morning will be ready the next unless it is a particularly wet day in the rainy season!

For Additional Information, Please Contact us.

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