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Yaxunah | Yucatan

How to GetThere

Car. Yaxunah is close to the highway from Mérida to Cancun. From the free road, that goes through all the towns along the way, turn in Piste at the sign for Yaxunah. From the toll road, turn south to go into Piste, turn west (right) at the plaza; then about one kilometer to the west of the plaza, turn south again (left) where the sign points to Yaxunah. Its only about 17 kilometers over a paved road. Anyone in Piste will help you with directions if you think you have missed a turn. There is a gas station about 2 kilometers west of the plaza in Piste. Best to fill up there before coming to the village.


Bus.  Buy a ticket to Piste and get off at the plaza. Taxis and colectivos (vans or mini buses) there can take you to Yaxunah.

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