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Yaxunah | Yucatan

Courses and Workshops


Each course can be scheduled as opportunity presents, or upon request.  A donation by course participants to the CCC would be highly welcomed, as the staff will use materials and supplies in these classes.

  • English classes

  • Workshops on making art from recycled materials

  • Spoken Yukatek Mayan classes

  • Classes in reading and writing Yukatek Mayan

  • Introduction to Mayan epigraphic writing

  • Workshop on traditional Maya games

  • Stilt-walking training and community performances*

  • Community theatre workshops that include selecting subject matter, writing scripts, scene preparation, and community-wide performances.  These may include puppetry.

  • Classes in the Jarana – the traditional dance of Yucatán with community performances

  • Classes in traditional Maya and other songs

  • Workshops on preparing products from nature (soaps and creams)

  • Computer courses, with instructions on using the internet

  • Classes in prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, sexually transmitted illnesses, and including use of theatre productions for messaging

  • Workshop on native stingless bee (Xunan-Kab) care and traditions

  • Classes on traditional Maya herbal remedies

  • Classes and sessions of relaxation massage, and exercises to help maintain physical health

  • Classes of Spring, Summer and Winter for children and young people

  • Preparation classes to be a volunteer in the Maya area

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