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Yaxunah | Yucatan

The Cenote

Vista Desde Abajo.JPG

Yaxunah has a beautiful limestone karstic sinkhole, a Cenote, right in the middle of the village next to the plaza and Community Cultural Center. It provides a wonderfully cool place to swim throughout most of the year. The canopy of trees over and the depth of the water level below the surface keep it many degrees cooler that the surrounding area. 

You will want to visit the cenote even if you don’t go all the way to the level of the water to swim. You can take easy steps guarded by a handrail to reach a natural ledge halfway down where you can sit and relax – a good place from which to spy swifts, the uniquely beautiful Turquoise-browed Mot Mot, and many other birds that nest in the area. If you are lucky, you might even spot the pair of Barn Owls who have made the cenote their home for years. The cenote is not administered by the CCC, but by the Comisaría Municipal, the town authorities. They set the fee structure for entrance. However, cenote guests are welcome to use the bathroom facilities at the CCC, which do include a shower.    

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