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Yaxunah | Yucatan

Community Cultural Center of Yaxunah

While working in the area of Yaxunah for more than a combined 35 years, anthropologists Dr. Grace Lloyd Bascopé and MenC Elias Alcocer Puerto heard many community members express a need for a focal point, a space where young people could gather to have access to the internet, take language classes, learn more about their own culture and environment, take various kinds of art classes, engage in community-wide recycling projects, organize community celebrations, and more.  Bascopé and Alcocer agreed to take up the challenge, and, with the help of a US-based non-profit, Maya Research Program, and generous donors, they saw the Community Cultural Center of Yaxunah (CCC) open October 16, 2010.


Botanical Garden, Mural and Turtle Sanctuary

Sponsored Guided Tours

Camp Experiences

Courses and Workshops

Volunteer Programs

Walking and Dancing on Stilts

Use of Facilities

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