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Yaxunah | Yucatan

Botanical Garden, Murals and Turtle Sanctuary


With help from Dr. Charles Klein and Landscape Architect students from Texas Tech University, and members of the community with deep knowledge of local flora, the grounds of the Community Cultural Center have been converted into a botanical garden. We are lucky to have some spectacular specimen trees, such as the Ceiba pentandra, the sacred Maya world tree. A well-informed guide will lead you on an ethno-botanical tour of the more than 100 plants there – explaining the medicinal, ceremonial, and other uses of these plants. The garden serves as a kind of “pharmacy” for many village members who collaborate with the CCC staff to make sure useful plants are conserved within. The garden also has a Tortugario – a turtle rescue center – where donated turtles, in danger of being harmed on local roads, have a safe place to roam. The tour ends with explanations of the two fascinating murals elaborated on the Center’s walls. The newest mural, La Primera Casa, the First House, depicts the importance of the cornfield in the life of the Maya. We are most proud of La Herencia Maya, Maya Heritage, which displays native flora and fauna being looked over by the Young Maize God.

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