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Yaxunah | Yucatan

Camp Experiences

The CCC holds camps three times a year during: Semana Santa or Easter season (between March and April); Summer Vacation (between July and August); and Winter Vacation (from the end of December to the first part of January). As specific dates vary from year to year, please contact the CCC for more accurate information. The camps are made up of local volunteer students and of young people form the broader Mexican community, and of international students. Campers will work on village-wide projects – planting trees and improving public spaces, painting houses, working on trash recycling projects, and more. Participants will have the chance to take workshops in: reading, writing, and singing in Yukatek Mayan; learning to read and write some Ancient Mayan hieroglyphics; mounting theatre productions, and joining in local games. To close out each camp, everyone will participate in a traditional pig roast (cochinita pibil), with pig cooked in the ancient method, by underground oven. 

For Additional Information, Please Contact us.

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